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Are all events walk-in friendly?

If it's organised and advertised by Pop Club in some capacity then the answer is yes! Most of our events have a small entry fee attached but all are designed to allow for walk-ins and don't require booking.

If you are interested in the Role playing nights however it may be a good idea to check on our Facebook page in advance as you may register interest in specific games beforehand, which can make it difficult for walk-ins to join some games on the night.

Is there anywhere to just chat with other Pop Club gaming enthusiasts?

Absolutely! Pop Club SA runs it's own Discord server which you can join here. For those who don't know discord is a free-to-join chatroom-style app available online, on desktop, ios, and android.

If you jump into our server you'll find a lot of the Pop Club community is there and willing to chat about just about anything gaming or otherwise. So jump on in and enjoy your stay!

Where can I give feedback on Pop Club?

There are a lot of ways you can go about this. You can contact us directly via the contact page if you just want a word with us, or you can message our Facebook page. Leaving reviews on Facebook, Google, or anywhere else you can think of is also super welcome.

If you have feedback on a specific experience we also have a customer satisfaction form here that you are more than welcome to fill out. And remember, you can always come in and have a chat with us in person as well!

117A Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

+61 401 751 236

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